By Eric Campos | June 27, 2004

Does the idea of visiting a museum of death interest you? If it does, then you’re my kinda person. Let’s make it a date and then afterwards we could go get sushi and not pay.

With that being said, JD Healy and Cathee Shultz are definitely my kinda people. Due to their undying fascination with anything dead, they opened their own museum of death, called just that – The Museum of Death – in San Diego about ten years ago, ultimately moving it to a bigger space in Los Angeles where it…well..died…due to problems with building management.

Kill mah landlord! Kill mah landlord!

“Death Becomes Them” details the struggle Healy and Schultz endured trying to keep bringing death to the masses. Not that this film is a downer in any way. The passion this married couple share for all things deathly, or even somewhat bizarre, is infectious (if you’re a little bent) as they trot out some of their most gruesome prized possessions.

And if the passion of the Healy and the Schultz isn’t enough to keep things upbeat in the face of adversity, “Death Becomes Them” is a musical as well. Oh yeah, complete with dance numbers and original tunes sung by a ghoulish undertaker. For those of you who are known to carry a tune yourselves, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when this film strikes up the band. And for those who are too crabby to get into a musical, just know that the song and dance numbers here are rather short and there are only a few of them.

All in all, a cool doc about cool people into cool stuff. There’s hope that the Museum of Death will re-open in Los Angeles sometime in the near future. Let’s pray that it happens soon, this city sucks without it.

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