By Felix Vasquez Jr. | August 23, 2006

Dear Joss Whedon,

As you can tell I’m ripping off the letter writing entries here, but there’s a good reason for it. So bear with me.

It’s no big secret that I’m a hardcore “Firefly” fan, and when I’m willing to pay six bucks for a f*****g keychain from the UK that you can’t get here, I’m not only a fan, but a sucker of a fan, so I’m asking you. Where’s the sequel to “Serenity”? There are so few things in life I enjoy, and “Firefly” is one of them. But this letter won’t be devoted to a television series, because that’s long dead.

I do however, speak of the film “Serenity”.

Though “Serenity” really spoke to people on different wave lengths, and those of us who followed the series really loved it. I loved it. I’ve seen it five times, but only after the box set, and I’m curious when you’re going to get to it, pal. After “Serenity” went onto good critic reaction and pretty good box office, you stated you will not be doing a sequel. Joss, don’t be a dick head. Don’t be a jerk off. I may not be your biggest fan but you seem like a nice guy. How could you even make that decision after leaving all those plot lines open?

Hell, are you aware that fans have even started a donations page to help fund the movie? Some of them are willing to pay up to about 500 bucks to help. How can you not start a sequel with that sort of devotion and denial? I have a bad ticker, I’m not very optimistic, and there are so few things in life that make me happy. Superman, Star Wars, Movies, Writing, Sex, and Firefly. Why would you deprive us of a sequel?

Now, I know you’re in the middle of writing “Wonder Woman”, and that’s cute, but look at it this way: Sam Raimi explained that before “Spider-Man” he couldn’t be taken seriously, but now that the studios know he’s a surefire moneymaker, he can make some requests. Well, “Wonder Woman” has the chance to be a surefire box office success, wouldn’t that be the perfect platform to make two final films in the “Firefly” universe?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fanboy of yours; you’re talented, but not all that and a bag of chips. Personally, I really like “Buffy”, but I think it’s kind of overrated, and “Angel” really only became quality entertainment in the last two seasons. “Firefly” combines many genres and aspects of storytelling that I love, and I’m just saddened that you’d take it for granted. I know, FOX f****d you, and I know Universal was cooperative, but still not willing to help advertise, but don’t take it out on us. I’m sure it’s more complicated than my statement alludes to, but close the “Firefly” universe, would you?

The prequels to the “Star Wars” series were disappointing, even if I enjoyed “Sith”, but “Serenity” is everything the prequels should have been, and I’d love to see you show Lucas how to make a trilogy, since he’s obviously forgotten.

The series lasted only sixteen episodes, and yet it’s still damn entertaining to watch. Every four months I watch the whole series in one shot, and I’m anxious to discover if you’re going to break and create a sequel. Now, granted should Nathan Fillion express lack of interest to reprise his role, I may have to pay him a visit, but you’re Joss Whedon, don’t do this to fans just because of a few bad apples.

There are just so many questions I need answering that I can’t stop wondering after finishing “Serenity”: How will they fare with River as the new pilot? Is Zoe pregnant or not? Will Mal and Inara ever make woopy? In spite of killing the agent, doesn’t the alliance still want River? Doesn’t the alliance still want Mal and Zoe? Will the situations ever converge? Whatever happened during the battle of Serenity that Mal and Zoe will not talk about?

From what I’ve read in your interviews, you seem to love the fans, even the scary fans. The ones who tattoo Buffy on their arms and have the entire episode “Once more with Feeling” memorized. But the Browncoats aren’t that scary. Perhaps it’s because we’ve had so little in the Firefly universe and the Buffy fanbase has been spoiled. We only have the series, the film, a few books, and a comic book adaptation, and we’d like more. How about a set of novels?

Whedon, I want a sequel. And I want it whenever you can get to it. I want to see Mal settle his score with the alliance, I want to see Zoey moving on, and I want to see River learning how to adjust in the civilized world. Don’t pull a George Lucas, show us you listen and do a god damn sequel. So, you do your little “Wonder Woman” movie, and get it out of your system; and if the rumors are true, I’d flip for Morena Baccarin as Wonder Woman. But “Serenity” needs a sequel, I don’t care if its through a comic, novel, or Sci-Fi original movie, just do it.

And if you don’t, then you’re in for a world of hurt.

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