By Admin | March 12, 2013

Emily McMartin’s short documentary, DC Stunts, profiles stuntmen Steve and Jeff Gums. As the two share anecdotes about their job, we get to see footage from various shoots. The stunt footage can be hilarious; they often aren’t shot from the main camera’s angle, so you get a different perspective and the choreographed actions wind up looking silly at times, but in a good way.

And really, that’s my only criticism: I’d have liked to see the finished stunt footage juxtaposed with the behind-the-scenes shots, to see what it is they’re achieving. I know that could’ve been a trial and a half to accomplish, and for a five minute short I understand the decision to not go that route, but it still would’ve been cool to see.

As it stands, we get two gregarious guys with a uniquely entertaining back-and-forth, talking about their uncommon job. I think the filmmakers knew precisely what they had, and how long they could work with it, and made the short film accordingly; it would be easy for something like this to go longer than would warrant, but they hit the sweet spot all around.

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