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By Doug Brunell | November 1, 2003

Mark my words: If Colin Bannon, the director, producer and writer of this film, continues to make movies, he’ll have a great career. Right now, though, he’s just an incredibly gifted seventeen-year-old armed with a camera who is ready to spring his fourth film, “Danny Boy”, on us, and this one is a winner.
Danny (David Radloff) is a young kid who doesn’t fit in too well with the rest of the world. He loves Abbott and Costello and experiences odd dreams that cause him to think he may be schizophrenic. He has no friends, and although his adoptive mother (Jennifer Roe) pushes him to find some, it doesn’t look like that will be happening in the near future. Instead, he’s content with watching his favorite comedy duo and searching for the angel (Eileen Schuyler) from his dreams.
I was stunned that this movie never felt like there was a teenager behind the camera; the maturity level of the story surpasses what people twice Bannon’s age produce. And while the actors did a fine job, the performance he gets out of Radloff is nothing short of amazing. This young guy is another talent just waiting to be discovered.
Expect tremendous things from Bannon. If this film is any indication, his future in filmmaking is carved in stone.

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