DancesWithFilms (DWF), penned last year as “the defiant fest of raw talent,” announces its 4th annual competitive lineup featuring 32 films from across North America and beyond to take place July 25-29. DancesWithFilms, the only film festival in the United States geared solely to the true independents mandating that all competition films have no “known” directors, actors or producers, will showcase 12 competition features and 20 competition shorts with a sidebar of special screenings and events on “The Lot” (formerly known as Warner Hollywood Studios) in West Hollywood. Chosen out of more than 1,100 submissions from around the world DancesWithFilms continues its independent spirit, standing by the slogan: No politics…No Stars…No Sh*t.
“We are thrilled to present year four at ‘The Lot,'” explains Leslee Scallon, co-founder of DWF “because the studio embodies the best of independent filmmaking having had the illustrious history as the original home to United Artists.”
Since its debut in 1998, DWF co-founders Scallon and Trent have provided an opportunity for numerous unknown writers, directors and actors to showcase their talent The success of DancesWithFilms has been evident with films finding distribution as well as moving on such festivals as Sundance and Deaville. “We have seen the strongest selection of submissions than ever before” remarks Michael Trent, “the indie scene is alive and well.”
This years feature competition lineup includes: A MILLION MILES – written by Bryan Sipe and Ben Carney, directed by Bryan Sipe, AFTER THE FLOOD – written and directed by Robert Saitzyk, BLINDSPOT – written and directed by Stephan Wolozlzuk, BOYS FROM MADRID – written by Kathryn Willis, Theo Pagones and Carlo Gustaff, directed by Carlo Gustaff, DISCHORD – written and directed by Mark Wilkinson, IN THE EYE OF THE STORM – written and directed by Mark Richardson, BLUE SHARK HASH – written and directed by Dale Roy Robinson, LOVE AND SUPPORT – written by Joe Furey and Howard Berger, directed by Joe Furey, RIFFED – written by Lorenzo Gabriele and Francisco Lorite, directed by Lorenzo Gabriele, SHADOW GLORIES – written by Marc Sandler, directed by Ziad Hamzeh, TRIANGLE SQUARE – written by Jeff T. Anderson and Donny Terranova, directed by Jeff T. Anderson, THE WIND – written by James Charbonneau and Michael Mongillo, directed by Michael Mongillo.
For more info, visit the DancesWithFilms web site.
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