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By Film Threat Staff | September 9, 2009

The “Reflections of Evil” and “Untitled Star Wars Mockumentary” filmmaker is about to begin production on his “Untitled BBC Documentary” and he’s looking to friends and fans for donations to help reach his $5,000 goal. What the hell is an “Untitled BBC Documentary” you ask? Well, this is what Damon Packard has to say about it…

Director Damon Packard presents; ^ Interviews with prominent British scientists, physicists and luminaries in between dramatizations mainly discussing the issue of living in THE DEAD ZONE. The period we’re in now, a time not meant to exist. Reality has been delayed, the end of this timeline was somehow deferred allowing a not a physical annihilation but a spiritual one. There is an emptiness to existence, everyone is in a panicked state of confusion, aggravation, uncertainty, going through a quiet nervous breakdown.

Creativity has been used up, the limits reached, turning in circles, cannibalizing themselves for even a modicum of inspiration.

The film and music industries stopped producing anything of relative meaning and therefore people’s hope and lives are wandering down a very sterile path … no more inspiration, no genuine ambition, no real excitement, nothing to look forward to.

Sequels to sequels or remakes of remakes, variations on variations. Besieged by a barrage of advertisements for useless products. Audiences at concerts stare blankly at musicians playing instruments that resonate nothing.

The true original experience of life simply doesn’t exist anymore, only a desperate carbon copy of a need to recreate that experience or moment. We are sleepwalking zombies hoping for a magical experience that does not exist.

Is Positive thinking a Myth? ^ Worst case scenarios do occur, there is plenty to fear, things don’t always turn out alright, perseverance does not always bring results. Bad things happen to good people all the time.

Realities are in conflict / The ‘EDR” experiencing a different reality campaign. This is not nihilism, it is not pessimism, it is simply a report on our current existence.

Will only the deluded disagree? ^ Which then is the true reality, the one explored in this documentary or the one labeled ridiculous and pessimistic? Blunt honesty or pessimism? Who are the ‘deluded’? If everyone says everyone else is crazy who really is? What defines “good” and “bad”, “worthwhile” and “worthless” and why are mediocre to downright awful films so terribly overrated now-days? Which is the correct reality, the correct perspective, opinion, viewpoint? Who is correct, the collective mainstream (and which collective mainstream?) or the individual? Is this why shows such as American Idol and their endless imitators are so popular these days, shows based on a group of individuals deciding for the masses what is good and not because no single individual really knows how to decide for themselves, they need to be influenced or told?

Through dramatizations, animation and graphics we will open up the differing layers and dimensional timelines to show us realities we are not necessarily aware of. Through recreations and dramatic situations we will explore the worlds of David Icke, Richard Hoagland, Alex Jones and others.

These are many of the issue’s explored in the (as yet untitled and work in progress) BBC Documentary.

For more info, visit Damon’s fundraising site>>>

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