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By Film Threat Staff | November 18, 2000

The Deep Ellum Film Festival of Dallas, TX., which officially runs from [ November 14th ] to [ November 19th, 2000 ] , is more than just another movie gathering set on pushing the art of film forward with new independent works from some of the country’s most innovative American and Latin American talent (though they are certainly that). The Festival, which was founded by the great minds of Deep Ellum Film, Music, Arts and Noise, also has another mission in mind — to raise money and awareness for cancer research and victim support within the area through their charitable effort [ Project: Deep Lava ] .
Of course, they plan to generate cash by showing good films, and there’s still time to catch the Saturday night program, which includes the Matthew Broderik/Mark Ruffalo Sundance-winner “You Can Count on Me,” and the Sunday night closing events, with diverse fare like “Radioactive Crotch Man” and “Ugly Naked People”.
Tickets can be purchased through Deep Ellum at [ (212) 752-6759 ] . For the full schedule, as well as volunteer and donation opportunities, see the [ Deep Ellum Film Festival site. ]

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