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By admin | January 21, 2007

2007 SUNDANCE ONLINE SHORT! The problem with the man in this picture may not be that he has a problem with his parents making love in the next room much to his chagrin, but mainly that he’s viewing them in a different light, a light that somewhat disturbs him. This man who masturbates to images on a computer screen must gaze at his parents elderly bodies as they trounce around in their form, and suddenly views sex not as amusing, but as a disturbing reminder of their age. Who has the problem, the parents who make love without discretion, or the son who can’t seem to stop obsessing over it?

Perhaps it’s because they have a much more passionate love life in their old age, than he does in his young age. Mulloy suggests that there are many different deeper subtexts within the short film, and the audience will essentially be left to their own allusions long after the film has ended. Mulloy presents sex as something passionate between two elderly people who still have a passion, and he does so through bold depictions of cunnilingus and sexual intercourse with full on nudity. Mulloy then challenges the audience to watch these two elderly folks engage in utter hardcore sex, reflecting our perceptions on what passionate love making is, and how it’s not just reserved for young people. Though the film doesn’t feel as coherent as it should, it’s still utterly thought provoking.

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