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By Alan Ng | October 9, 2022

Writer-director Julia Varvara’s short film, Suppression considers the subtle similarities between the innocent and the guilty.

Dr. John Burns (Gary Beadle) is a psychoanalyst sent to a high-security prison to interview Max (Adam Morse), a disturbed killer. It appears that after spending time in prison, Max has become quite reflective about life. He tells Dr. Burns that he was once a boy with a lot of pain and wanted to hurt someone. So he did. The more Max reveals himself, the more we see the subtle similarities he has with Dr. Burns. Soon after the interview, Dr. Burns returns to his cold home to appease his very drunk wife, Sarah (Rayna Campbell).

“The more Max reveals himself, the more we see the subtle similarities he has with Dr. Burns.”

Suppression is a dark tale about the consequences of holding in our pain in life. Julia Varvara gives a cinematic quality to her tale. Everything about this dramatic short feels professional, from the performances of Beadle and Morse to its creative production design, which I’m pretty sure was a room made to look like a prison interrogation room (well done).

Storywise, there’s nothing heavy-handed about the message of Suppression. Filmmaker Julia Varvara makes the connection between doctor/patient crystal clear.

For screening information about Suppression, visit the Hollyfield Productions website.

Suppression (2022)

Directed and Written: Julia Varvara

Starring: Gary Beadle, Adam Morse, Rayna Campbell, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Suppression Image

"…a dark tale about the consequences of holding in our pain in life."

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