By Admin | January 24, 2006

This week at Sundance, brothers Joshua and Jeffrey Crook unleash upon the world a genre bending slasher that finds a young woman stalked and killed…again…and again…

We spoke with the Crook Brothers about Salvage.

When did you guys decide that you wanted to make films together? ^ We got serious about it five years ago.

Is it like good cop/bad cop between you guys during a shoot? ^ I would say Josh tends to bark at the crew more when things aren’t going smooth, but we both have our bad days. Generally we’re nice guys, though, and our shoots are very chill.

What inspired Salvage? ^ A friend planted the idea of the recurring day, but Josh came up with the murder element and the resolution (sorry I can’t elaborate on how it turns out). Not sure how the ideas came about, we just found them interesting and thought they would scare people.

Trevor Groth calls your film “a bad acid trip in hell.” Is this accurate? ^ We hope so. Not in an ‘arty’ way, but the movie definitely takes people on an emotional trip, and the supernatural side of it can give it a Twilight Zoney feel at times.

Were there any major nightmares in getting this film made? ^ Surprisingly, no. Everything from the financing through the production went smoother than anything we’ve ever shot.

What are you guys working on now? ^ In mid-March we are slated to begin shooting an action/drama we wrote.

What was the first thing you did when you found out your film made it into Sundance? ^ We thanked the Film Gods (and Trevor Groth, Geoff Gilmore, and John Cooper).

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  1. sarah says:

    i didn’t get the movie at all. can you please explain it?

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