By Admin | November 1, 1999

Crimson Wings poses the question of whether what we know as the present is actually a dream or reality. It’s a rather abstract short dealing with a painter, who after losing his wife in a car accident, struggles to not only continue with his work but to cope with emotionally intrusive dreams of his lost love.
After his wife’s funeral, the painter has visions and frequent dreams of his dead wife. As he reads his wife’s poems and tries each day to paint, he begins to question whether his dreams are reality or whether what he thinks is reality is actually a dream. It’s easy to get lost in the abstract nature of this film but the man’s love for and loss of his wife is the omnipresent theme binding it all together. He eventually comes to terms with the situation, returning to his art as a means of living between the two worlds.
Another question posing short, Crimson Wings is beautifully shot, evoking the emotional torture of the lead, but at times a bit too long, taking a good thing and drawing it thin.

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