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By Merle Bertrand | April 13, 1998

The surprise “find” of the festival, this no-budget, B&W affair uses an anthology structure to blend several separate storylines together into a cohesive, interconnected whole. We meet, among others, Capslock (Scott McKinstry) – as in the computer key “Caps Lock” – a bizarrely introverted genius loner who receives a random obscene phone call and obsessively tries to track down the mystery caller. We follow the antics of the lamest street gang in history, willing to rumble over a lost pet chicken. Then there’s Jamie (Alex Hudgins) the twelve year kid who charms a lovely tanning salon employee (Amber Lea Voiles) almost past the point of innocence. Finally, there’s the best on-screen personification of Evil since “Time Bandits,” courtesy of Joseph Langham’s maniacal performance.
Writer/directors John Bryant, L. Jay Duplass, and Andy Fisher have weaved an outrageously funny and offbeat collection of tales that somehow almost manage to be warm and fuzzy at the same time. Are you listening C.U.F.F. and New York Underground?

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