“Headspace” is a dance music culture documentary with an intention for global coverage. To ensure that the reach of the independent film is truly worldwide, director Jethro Senger has envisioned a solution to his do-it-yourself project: “Headspace” uses the Internet as a means to gather material.
The Orlando, Florida-based director requests donations from those involved in the culture—such as video, pictures, words and music—to be displayed on The collected material will be shuffled into the movie, for festival release in August 2003, as a means to expand the film’s breadth, along with Senger’s own footage and photographs.
The “Headspace” project has taken Senger to Osaka, Japan, seven cities in Europe, Miami, Detroit, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. The Internet submissions are meant to document the rest of this machine-based music culture, so as to get a more accurate picture of the depth and reach of the global dance music community.
Senger remains autonomous by taking advantage of technology through digital video and editing. He compares the evolution of the independent film industry to the similar characteristics acquired by the electronic music industry.
“Advances in technology gave birth to electronic music,” Senger said. “Headspace rides along the same concept. Without technology this project would not be possible.”
Go ahead, check out the Headspace website.

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