By Brian Bertoldo | November 15, 1999

A cheating husband is doused with an experimental genetic serum by his vengeful wife, turning his limbs into independent, parasitic organisms with an appetite for human flesh.
Jim Matthews (David Rommel), a sales rep at a genetic engineering firm, is just your average married guy having an affair with his secretary. The only problem is his wife Meredith (Anne Zizzo) works for the same firm. When Meredith gets wind of his cheating ways, she confronts him with the evidence. In a fit of rage, Meredith splashed Jim with an experimental genetic solution. The side effects enable Jim’s limbs to detach and squirm about freely. Sounds cool, right? Actually no, the limbs develop into parasitic organisms that crave human flesh. Jim must satisfy the craving of the parasites by randomly killing, allowing the limbs to detach and feed. The effects worsen until Jim can no longer control the actions of his body parts, leading him into a battle of life and death with his girlfriend’s sister, an expert marksman.
Featuring low grade, cheesy effects, questionable acting and really bad lighting, Colony Mutation is what it is, an absurd sci-fi B Movie. This one’s best viewed around 3 am after a few drinks.

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