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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 19, 2008

Thanks to Drew for the reminder, we found this pic yesterday and absolutely forgot to post it since the glut of Cloverfield updates have taken a toll on my time and monopolized the Film Threat blogs.

What spilled on to shore? Compared to the shoreline and horizon, it’s humongous entrails we can assume belonged to something larger than a whale, and continues the updates now that the opening has arrived.

And it looks like the Jamie and Teddy videos may have closed its arc, for good.

I’m going to see “Cloverfield” tomorrow, so I’ll post my case finisher then, and ask to display common courtesy and keep all spoilers confined to message boards and whatnot.

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  1. Drew Gutierrez says:

    It looks as though and are back up and running….

  2. Drew Gutierrez says:

    DAMN tons of updates… is locked down it’s set up to where it looks like the united states external affairs department has taken control of the site…

  3. Drew Gutierrez says:

    well the picture didn’t post…BUT you can check it out yourself…and maybe someone can translate it

  4. Drew Gutierrez says: is down…i just checked the website and it’s a message in japanese (although i don’t read japanese so i can’t tell what it says)

    that is the picture of the message on more news as it becomes available

  5. Drew Gutierrez says:

    Well i have my ideas on this picture but will keep it to myself for now on as to what it could be. BUT it’s interesting to say the least. Felix…if you get motion sickness do not eat before the movie lol i’m serious. ANYONE who HASN’T Seen it…in my honest opinion it’s VERY worth it!!

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