By Michael Ferraro | June 8, 2006

“Don’t hate the media… become the media.” – Jello Biafra

You see? People tell you that nothing you can do or say will make a difference to anyone anywhere. But I am here tonight to tell you otherwise.

Previously, in the Film Threat blog section, there have been two entries involving a shady “film cleansing” operation in Utah. The first, titled CleanFlicks: Doing it for and with your children!, was meant to inform our fine readers of such an atrocious deed. In the piece, I wrote about what they censor and how they censor it.

I also made mention of a little spelling error on their website, in the FAQ section, involving the word scratched. They had it spelled skratched.

The sad thing here is that the poor degenerate in Utah, where this company is based, who was responsible for this misspelling probably makes more at his job than I do at my day job. And I can spell scratched. I can also spell Czechoslovakia without using the spell check, but who cares.

Another entry, or CleanFlicks 2 as it was titled, involved a suggestion for a new company – a “film enhancing” type company, which took films and added more stuff we all love. Stuff like, vulgarities and constant references to crack-smoking, no matter what the film was.

Apparently someone out there in Utah actually reads Film Threat and our fantastic blog section because I was recently informed of a major change on their website.

The misspelling is now fixed. Skratched is now scratched. And it’s all my fault.

But I can’t celebrate now, for I must pack my clothes and toothbrush for a little city near Utah, called Las Vegas…

Michael Ferraro’s amazing artistry will return tomorrow.

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Wait, YOU’RE going to Vegas too!?! Oh… oh Jesus God no…

    I’m bringing the biggest jug of lube, my friend. Bend it so I can break it… off…

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