By Admin | January 24, 2006

The title’s a pun, the punchline is completely unexpected, and it’s exactly the way comedy should exist. Always unexpected, never predictable, except for a final moment for Bo (Mathel Zicker), stressed out over his wife’s pregnancy (“If I knew she would get this annoyed, I would have pulled out. It’s awful. It’s like living with John Candy.”), never finding any peace in his house. His friend (writer/director John Viener) gets a ride from him to the hospital to clear out a most unusual circumstance. Along the way, it’s two friends sniping at each other, but not before a newly-heard dig at Chinese food. In typical comedy standards, Bo and his friend fit. Bo’s got a handlebar mustache and with stubble that’s close to a midnight shadow, and his bud is neatly dressed, able to take what Bo dishes out and throw it right back. Two friends with enough stress between them. Their stress is very much our gain, the kind of comedy where a half-open mouth is a fair reaction. They said what they said, and Viener’s got quite the mind for it.

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