Armed with a well-to-do character and a catchy theme song (played during the end credits), “Clark, The Canadian Hockey Goalie” is the kind of comedy short that’ll leave you with an amused smile upon your face.
Clark (Nicholas Vachon), a hockey goalie from Moose Jaw, Saskatechewan absolutely loves the sport of hockey, but doesn’t like the off-season. So he decides to head down to the U.S. and try his hand at baseball, leading to some very funny moves performed in his hockey gear. For example, Clark tells us that because of him, there’s been no double play in any baseball game that he’s participated in and this is demonstrated in a training session with the Bears, the team he’s on.
First a catcher, now a shortstop, Clark expresses his pleasure with being part of the sport and teammates and the coach discuss a period of adjustment, accepting Clark as a person and a baseball player, and not just as a Canadian. The best moment here is where Clark doesn’t forget his hockey roots and kicks a teammate’s a*s, hockey-style, which includes pulling the guy’s sweater over his head, which Clark describes as a “classic hockey fight maneuver”.
Clark is best described by one line in the theme song at the end: “From north of the border, not quite made to order.” That’s true, but this is also a lot of fun.

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