By Don R. Lewis | June 13, 2009

Fans of the movie “Knocked Up” will get a chance to reenact the infamous shrooming scene as CineVegas presents the Beatles classic “Yellow Submarine” underwater. Yes, underwater.

“Mandalay Bay Beach is an ideal venue to add yet another unique screening experience to CineVegas, as guests can float, swim and even sing, all while watching the fate of the musical city under the sea,” said CineVegas Artistic Director Trevor Groth.

YELLOW SUBMARINE is an animation classic; a glorious visual and musical adventure that has gained notoriety for its representation of the 60s psychedelic era. Appropriately bizarre, the somewhat quizzical story tells of the music-hating Blue Meanies that turn the good people of Pepperland into statues. Naturally, it’s up Ringo, George, Paul and John to save the day, all while traveling in a yellow submarine and getting into all types of far out fun.

Excluding Walt Disney films, YELLOW SUBMARINE was the only animated film that succeeded both critically and commercially during its time. It didn’t hurt that the soundtrack of Beatles music is something every movie begs for. Plus the utterly unique hand of Heinz Edelmann helped make it an instant classic. Credited as art director, he helped shaped the characters and tone, giving each song a special look that’s playful with colors and mixed media. Its no surprise the film is still influential today.

Tickets priced at $10, not including applicable service charges, will go on sale on May 20 and are available at all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations

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