Austin’s Cinematexas International Short and Video Festival holds its fifth annual event beginning [ October 16th ] and ending [ October 24th, 2001 ] . In the course of a single week, Cinematexas will screen about 90 competition works from Texan burroughs and beyond, host Jim Jarmusch and a personally-selected program of his favorite short films, celebrate the banned ’70s political films of Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, and bring the film projects of under-18 filmmakers from the U.S., Australia and El Salvador to light on the big screen. And more.
Cinematexas’ history is as rich and varied as the 2000 program. They’re responsible for premiering hundreds of international films in their efforts to “expose, explore, and provoke short cinema.” Other noteworthy events have included rarely-seen shorts by big name directors like Hal Hartley, Robert Altman and Mike Leigh, and an Expanding Cinema series that promotes the American avant-garde film movement of the ’60s.
Tickets for all Cinematexas programs vary in price according to event, and can be purchased directly from the venues listed on the [ the official Cinematexas website ] ,where the Festival history, synposes, and schedules also reside.

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