By Admin | July 20, 2004

Director Erika Yeomans film, “Chubby Buddy”, is a fast paced, super 8, narrative collage about Francis Howard’s search for enlightenment. He’s a man who never finished writing a story back in college, married his pregnant girlfriend, and now 15 years later, stalks a neighborhood in New Canaan Connecticut, trying to connect with lives outside of his own.

He eventually quits his publishing job, claiming he wants to write “The Great American Novel”. His frustration & boredom leads him back to the neighborhood in New Canaan, where he sneaks into a favorite house, and is caught stealing a 4 inch plush toy, to add to his collection. This lands him in jail, where we find out he’s been speaking from the whole time, while being interviewed for a magazine.

It’s an interesting, if not chaotic and somewhat melancholy journey that might make you want to clutch a stuffed animal or two.

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