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Ukrainians In Exile

By Alan Ng | October 27, 2022

In February 2022, Russian began its invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine. While it’s easy to see war as a gameboard of military pieces involved in a distant game of chess, this is very real, and innocent civilians are used as targets of this invasion. As a result, many have fled across the Ukraine border for safety.

In Janek Ambros’ short film, Ukrainians In Exile, one such refugee reflects on the loss of her homeland. This is the story of Anya, a Ukrainian exile now living in Poland. The documentary short is brief at seven minutes, with Anya voicing her feelings about the war accompanied by past and present images of Ukraine caught amid this invasion.

“…voicing her feelings about the war accompanied by past and present images of Ukraine…”

Throughout the film, Anya’s words are a message from an average citizen to the rest of the world. First, she speaks about the early days of the conflict when friends and family were killed in the initial bombing and shelling. Next, she wonders if she’ll ever return. Anya then urges us, as the audience, to understand that this is not a war but a crime committed by Russia. Finally, she pleads for us on the outside of the conflict for our continued support of the people of Ukraine.

In a world that lives on the rapidly changing 24/7 news cycle, it’s so easy to forget about Ukraine still fighting for its freedom with no end in sight. Things are escalating with threats of nuclear strikes. Time will only tell, but in the meantime, Ukrainians In Exile reminds us that innocents are suffering over the whims of powers greater than themselves.

For more information about Ukrainians In Exile, visit the Assembly Line Entertainment website.

Ukrainians In Exile (2022)

Directed: Janek Ambros

Written: Anya

Starring: Anya, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Ukrainians In Exile Image

"…it's so easy to forget about Ukraine still fighting for its freedom..."

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