Hitting bookshelves in December will be “The Complete DVD Book: Designing, Producing, and Marketing Your Independent Film on DVD,” written by Chris Gore and Paul J. Salamoff.

This comprehensive book contains a soup-to-nuts approach to releasing your independent film on DVD. From DVD package design to marketing to authoring to menu architecture to promotion to publicity to penetrating retailers and even negotiating the DVD deal – this book has it all! Technical portions of the book contain step-by-step guides with loads of photos that easily walk even the novice through the most complex aspects of DVD production. The extensive resource section puts filmmakers in direct contact with designers, replicators, suppliers, vendors and DVD distributors. This is the ultimate guide for filmmakers seeking to capitalize on the exploding DVD marketplace.

“This book ushers in the Age of Empowerment for independent filmmakers who have enough entrepreneurial spirit to take charge of their own careers. Chris Gore’s legendary status as an Outlaw of Hollywood offers readers an opportunity to keep their street credibility while following his coherent plan to capture a share of the fastest growing market in the industry today. “ Catherine Clinch, Columnist/Contributing Editor, Creative Screenwriting Magazine

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