Nothing’s worse than coming up with a great idea and then seeing someone else rip it off! Never fear, paranoid visionaries, is on the scene providing an online central registry for time stamping ideas and records. And to make their presence known in the entertainment industry, the company has teamed with, a Web-based entertainment marketplace for writers, producers and investors of movies, music, comedy and more.

The goal is to provide a place for enabling screenwriters and songwriters to fingerprint, timestamp and register all original content submitted to prior to exposing ideas to third parties.

In addition to fingerprinting, time-sealing and registering their original submissions with, users can continue using to create a vital digital audit trail of creative concepts as they are developed, a key ingredient to strengthen copyright claims. Should a dispute ever arise regarding the origin or claims to ownership, enables users to re-fingerprint original files to see if they match those stored in’s database. This universally verifiable process is “free” and empowers the creative artist to prove not only the precise time, date and contents of when a file was registered, but that the creative work claimed has never been altered.


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