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By Phil Davies Brown | November 26, 2005

Michael Mongillo returns with his latest effort and uses a simple structure to great effect.

The premise sets a group of young adults somewhere in the 21st Century and leads us to believe that society has already acknowledged the existence of aliens and that we are indeed awaiting ‘The Visitors’.

Our core group of characters find themselves attending a bash thrown by one of their number, and as various people debate over the future of society, the main protagonists debate about their lives and try to decide what the future will hold for them.

The cast do great jobs and the dizzying use of close-ups helps create a situation where our drunken individuals cannot escape from conflict.

Like a modern update of the Big Chill with indie sensibilities, the film benefits from genuine dialogue, good relationships between characters, honest understated performances and even some really nice music.

The basic outline is nothing new but Mongillo’s unique indie vision and the efforts of his cast and crew have ensured that they have managed to capture the spirit of the shoot and through the editing process have managed to retain and relay this essence to the audience.

Welcome to Earth is one of those neat little movies that you’ll most likely remember watching for years to come.

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