Channel 101 in Los Angeles has been inviting filmmakers to create a five minute pilot to the show of their dreams to be possibly screened at one of their live events. Needless to say, the results have ranged from total s**t to frightening genius, with every entry being at least a little interesting.
If screened, audience members were allowed to vote on whether the filmmakers should make another episode of their show or not.
Shows that have survived the wrath of picky, and quite possibly inebriated, audience members and have gone on to spawn several episodes include “Time Belt,” something about a scientist and his time travel enabling belt; “The ‘BU,” a rip on “The OC” that focuses on young, sexy brats living in Malibu; and “Computerman Factor 2000,” starring Jack Black as…a computer. You gotta see it to believe it.
Now, the 2003 screening season is over and it is time for THE FIRST ANNUAL CHANNEL 101 INCREDIBLY PRESITIGIOUS ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. Yes, here’s where the best of the best get their props. The awards ceremony/party will take place at Cinespace on November 30th.
For more info, visit the Channel 101 website.

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