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By Steve Anderson | November 7, 2007

Of all the Hollywood horror stories, “Casting Call” is likely to be the most plausible. In fact, if this isn’t going on right now, somewhere, I’d be downright amazed. “Casting Call” is essentially the casting tape for an upcoming horror movie gone horribly wrong.

And not solely because this collective of actresses vying for the
part is pretty sorry at best. We’ve got one woman who’s taking every role in sight and plans to do this movie to “build up her resume”. Another advertises that she’s “wicked professional” and “will do what (she’s) told”. Still another is a busty blonde out to be a scream queen who’s already acting the part, and still another barely speaks English.

No, the twist to “Casting Call” is what makes it–and in a ten minute movie that’s no small surprise. You’ll have to watch to find out, but I assure you, it’s quite worth it.

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