By Zack Haddad | January 24, 2007

A waste of time would be an understatement when talking about this film. It’s harsh to say so and I hate to be the guy to start lashing out over a film when, really, what does it solve when someone rates a movie terrible and complains about it? But it is my job, and you the reader need to know about the disappointment known as “Weapons”.

The film is about young kids in America shooting other young kids after Chris (Paul Dano) rapes Reggie’s (Nick Cannon) little sister. That’s it. Just a ton of shooting and a whole bunch of terrible acting to add on to all of the senseless violence. However, the acting isn’t the sole disappointment, the writing and directing was just as bad.

Adam Bhala Lough wrote and directed this film but any film student with a penchant for violence could pick up a camera and film the exact same movie. The film lacked any true direction in the sense that there was just a camera and people in front of it. On top of that, much of the film was shot in slow motion, adding to the ridiculousness of the film.

The opening of the film is Nick Cannon eating a hamburger in total slow motion as he stares into the camera. This sequence is almost five minutes long until a faceless figure walks up behind him and shoots him in the face with a shotgun. Now I have to admit that this was a graphic, startling, and ballsy way to start a film but the rest of the film was just plain painful.

It’s only 85 minutes long, but it could have easily been cut down by at least 20 minutes. For example, Sean (Mark Webber) is riding in a car with Chris and his other friend Jason (Riley Smith). Their car ride is five minutes long in slow motion as they are smoking cigarettes and listening to rap music (the same rap song over and over again). The exact same shot then happens with Nick Cannon and his whole group. Both groups even arrive at the exact same place.

I am pretty sure I have made it clear that I really didn’t enjoy this film. I wish I could find something good to say about it. It’s just that I don’t have anything. To be honest, the more I even think about this film, the angrier I get.

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