By Film Threat Staff | July 11, 2002

At the San Diego Comic Con in August, 7M Pictures, a production company based in Columbus, Ohio, will screen director Kelly Carr’s short film “Ghost Reader”, as well as Kevin Carr’s new television pilot “Ziking Cinema”.

“Ghost Reader” is the story of a time when humans have lost the ability to read. In the film, humans rely on mechanical servants called Ghost Readers to read to them. However, one man soon learns that the Ghost Readers are not as benevolent as they first appear.

Kelly Carr worked in conjunction with the Ohio Film Commission to shoot the short film at the Thurber House, the family home of James Thurber. “I loved the irony of making a movie about a civilization that can’t read and shooting it in the home of one of America’s greatest writers,” she says.

Kevin Carr’s “Ziking Cinema” is a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” flavored send up of “Robot Monster”, a 1953 sci-fi film in 3D that features a monster that doesn’t look so much like a robot as it does a gorilla with a fishbowl on its head. “Ziking Cinema” is made for fans of bad 1950s science fiction movies. After all, a bad science fiction movie can be great if the right people are watching it.”

“Ghost Reader” and “Ziking Cinema” will show on Thursday, August 1st at 3:30 p.m. in Room 1AB. Both directors will attend the event.

Check out the official 7M Pictures website for a Ghost Reader trailer.

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