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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 21, 2003

Good cinematography envelops this tiresome short where a man reflects on his childhood, which was taken away quickly when a bigger kid took his favorite Star Wars toy.
He’s now an insurance salesman and takes on a client who wants his Star Wars collection heavily insured. This new client of his brags about selling fake autographs of George Lucas and making good money off of it to fund the film he was making. A look at the photographs reveals to the salesman that this guy was the one who stole his Star Wars toy when he was a lad and now it’s time for some payback…or is it?
Unfortunately, the script is sluggish and the narration creates an inclination just to begin catching a few Zs right then and there. Plus, the ending is a disappointment. Sure director Mark Rusciano may be trying to capture a theme that’s inherent in the Star Wars movies, but we’re talking about a kid whose childhood was supposedly screwed up because of this one thing. While it may certainly be a different turn of events, it’s not quite fair to the proceedings at the beginning. Just think about how many years have passed where this has affected this guy and…ah, forget it. It’s not completely worth arguing a point here just for this film. See it, or don’t. It’s entirely up to you.

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