“Losing Grace” is an independent film of love and loss based on a true story that inspired a film adaptation. On losing the real Grace, we get the following introduction:
[ “If I could have predicted what would happen when my sister’s life ended, I might have locked myself in a closet and stayed there for a year. It was beyond my comprehension how vastly devastating her death would be for us all. The loss forced us to face our worst demons and, at the lowest point, left us facing each other in the reality that we had accumulated the type of hurt and anger that may never be healed. We knew we had lost Grace-but couldn’t have imagined that we had lost each other. ]
[ Me? Well, it was like a four ton Mack truck slammed right into my chest and scattered my life into a million tiny pieces all over the road. I couldn’t have anticipated losing her in the first place, and then, all the other precious parts of my life began slipping through my fingers one by one until I became a truly broken man. ]
[ Grace forced all of us to notice the blinded reality in which we were existing. We would come to understand that she gave more in her death than she could have ever given us in her life. ]
[ But a lot of s**t had to go down before we could get to that point…” ]
Michael Valverde’s film deals with the aftermath of Grace’s death and the impact as felt by those she left behind. The site brings her story, and the film’s, to vivid life with script excerpts, in-depth cast interviews, live chat and a discussion board. Crew are even on hand to answer viewer questions about setting up and staging an indie film. To check out “Losing Grace” on the web, go to [ ]

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