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By Ondi Timoner and Vlad Radovanov | January 12, 2012

This week Ondi and Vlad are at Sundance talking with some of the most thought provoking doc makers of the festival.

First, speaking with Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering from “The Invisible War,” which sheds light on the endemic problem of sexual assault in the US military. The film has been shaking viewers into action with it’s heart wrenching illumination of the great military shame of sexual violence in it’s ranks.

Then talking with Nonny De la Peña and examining the new frontier of experiencing news events through game platforms in her “immersive journalism” experience, “Hungry in LA.”

BYOD is then thrilled to get to talk with Eugene Jareki, this year’s Sundance Grand Jury prize winner for his film, “The House I Live In.” An engrossing an nuanced examination of the drug war, Jareki has once again opened eyes and set thoughts into motion with his latest probing achievement.

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BYOD is co-hosted by Ondi Timoner, director of “DIG!,” “JOIN US” and “WE LIVE IN PUBLIC,” and has the rare distinction of winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance twice, and Vladimir Radovanov, entertainment attorney, and executive producer of “WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.” Each week the show explores a different documentary filmmaker or aspect of filmmaking, with special guests and a live Q&A– diving deep into creative process and the business realities of producing and distributing films. Ondi and Vladimir share their insider views, opinions, and personal stories, welcoming audience participation. BYOD aims to entertain, inform, and elevate documentaries in general by bringing attention to films and film makers that deserve exposure.

Eugene Jarecki– is an award-winning dramatic and documentary filmmaker whose most recent film “The House I Live In” won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2012.  This is his second time receiving the award, making him the only other documentary film maker besides Ondi to do so.  He also won in 2005 for “Why We Fight“.  He is the recipient of numerous other awards and has received praise for many of his films all over the globe.

Jarecki has been a guest on multiple national television programs such as The Daily Show
, The Colbert Report, Fox & Friends and Charlie Rose.

In addition to his work in film, Jarecki is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Eisenhower Project, an academic public policy group, dedicated in the spirit of Dwight D. Eisenhower, to studying the forces that shape American foreign policy.

Kirby Dick– is an Academy Award-nominated documentary director, one of the most prolific and eclectic filmmakers working in the field today. Dick has been a regular contributor at Sundance
Film Festival over the years. His films have screened at the Venice, Berlin, Toronto, San Sebastian, Locarno, Edinburgh, Yamagata Film Festivals and many others as well.

His latest film “The Invisible War” received this year’s coveted Audience Award: Documentary at Sundance 2012.

Dick is also one of the founders and creative directors of Chain Camera Pictures, a Los Angeles-based company that produces critically acclaimed documentaries for international theatrical and television release.

Nonny de la Peña– is a Senior Research Fellow at the USC Annenberg School for Communication, and pioneer into the concept of Immersive Journalism. By exploring the available links between gaming platforms and technology and first person experience of journalism, she is enhancing participants understanding and experience of news events.

Ms. De la Peña is widely read and published in major publications, and her films have been screened at dozens of noteworthy events, festivals and screenings across the country.

00:00 Episode Intro.
00:30 Vlad gets confused
01:17 Opening Credits
01:36 “The Invisible War,” by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering.
03:12 Introducing “Invisible War” film-makers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering.
04:24 Finding survivors to share their story.
05:11 Getting distribution for such a powerful film.
06:16 The reaction to the movie and enacting real change.
07:32 How military rape statistics get buried and survivors get sedated.
10:26 Moving audiences into direct action.
11:33 Military assault: The perfect storm of trauma.
13:01 The genesis of the film.
14:19 Filmmakers raising their “children,” beyond Sundance.
16:23 Let’s talk about Mary J. Blige, getting music for the film.
17:26 Links and Call to Action.
18:07 “The Invisible War” clip #2: “You’re the third girl to report rape this week.”
19:18 “Hunger in Los Angeles,” introducing Nonny De La Peña
20:12 Creating virtual humans for a virtual environment.
21:52 Using gaming platforms to tell the news.
23:43 People’s reaction to the experience.
24:21 Creating partnerships for immersive news stories.
25:04 “The House I Live In,” by Eugene Jareki.
27:12 Grand Prize winning director, Eugene Jareki.
28:00 The drug war: “Our longest war.”
30:36 An industry to which we are addicted.
32:29 Rewarding ‘cheap arrests” of the drug war.
34:57 A housekeeper’s lessons on society lead to investigating the war on drugs.
38:20 Memorable cinematography and the shoot itself.
40:45 A political present and future for Eugene.
44:11 Getting access to soldiers in the drug war.
45:19 Distributing the film and getting involved. Links.
46:36 “The house I live in,” clip.
48:42 “The house I live in,” Q&A.
55:14 B.Y.O.D. signs off from Sundance and looking forward to the next episode.

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