Documentary juggernaut Kirby Dick joins us this week on BYOD to provide expanded insight into his films and the craft of film making. Our conversation spans from his recent Sundance Audience Award winning film “The Invisible War,” through his 25 year body of work.

As it is Valentine’s day, we are naturally drawn to some of the person to person elements that define his output. After the tease interview we got at
Sundance this year, its great to get to expand our understanding of one of the truly great documentarians working today. Enjoy!

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BYOD is co-hosted by Ondi Timoner, director of “DIG!,” “JOIN US” and “WE LIVE IN PUBLIC,” and has the rare distinction of winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance twice, and Vladimir Radovanov, entertainment attorney, and executive producer of “WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.” Each week the show explores a different documentary filmmaker or aspect of filmmaking, with special guests and a live Q&A– diving deep into creative process and the business realities of producing and distributing films. Ondi and Vladimir share their insider views, opinions, and personal stories, welcoming audience participation. BYOD aims to entertain, inform, and elevate documentaries in general by bringing attention to films and film makers that deserve exposure.

Kirby Dick is an Academy Award-nominated documentary director, one of the most prolific and eclectic filmmakers working in the field today. Dick has been a regular contributor at Sundance Film Festival over the years. His films have screened at the Venice, Berlin, Toronto, San Sebastian, Locarno, Edinburgh, Yamagata Film Festivals and many others as well.

His latest film “The Invisible War” received this year’s coveted Audience Award: Documentary at Sundance 2012.

Dick is also one of the founders and creative directors of Chain Camera Pictures, a Los Angeles-based company that produces critically acclaimed documentaries for international theatrical and television release.


00:01 BYOD Opening with Ondi and Vlad
01:49 Introducing Kirby Dick
03:09 “Why did you pick up a camera in the first place?”
04:55 Interview techniques for doc subjects.
05:43 “The Invisible War,” and the rape epidemic in the military for men and women.
06:44 “The Invisible War,” Clip 1.
08:55 How victims are bonded with their partners.
10:38 “The Invisible War,” Clip 2.
13:41 “What was the inspiration for the film?”
16:30 “What do you hope for this film to accomplish?”
18:51 “Outrage” and exposing the hypocrisy of anti-homosexual legislators.
20:02 “Outrage” clip of Larry Craig.
22:50 Exposing the stories that the mainstream media overlooked.
25:09 “Did you receive any pressure from politicians to keep things quiet?”
27:26 Inspiration behind “This Film is Not Yet Rated.”
30:54 “This Film is Not Yet Rated,” CLIP.
32:39 “What is it with sex?”
34:12 “Sick,” and how the film affected Kirby.
35:47 “Sick,” CLIP.
37:37 Facing death in the spirit of Bob’s work.
39:57 “How do you attempt to control the production?”
41:42 The secret behind Sundance Audience awards.
44:20 Kirby’s attraction to the outsider.
46:36 Would you trade in documentary work for any other?
48:04 The recurring theme of voyeurism and Kirby’s scripted film “Guy.”
52:15 The most troublesome criticism of films.
53:34 “Private Practices,” and getting intimate with sex surrogate therapy.
55:16 “Private Practices,” CLIP.
58:07 Documentary subjects opening up in the age of reality tv.
1:03:16 How did you fund your films?
1:05:25 Daily Dig Down; Doc news of the week.
1:06:47 Why did he make “Derrida”?
1:07:43 Digital technologies and Kirby’s preferences.
1:09:42 “Woody Allen,” the documentary.
1:12:02 “The Island President,” and complex subjects for documentarians.
1:13:35 Thanks and good luck!

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