“Tired of the average movie? Tired of movies that make sense? Well, if you’re tired of the same ol’ “girl falls in love, but gets murdered by her dog and her body parts are mailed to all four corners of the earth” plot, then “Faces of Really Nasty Stuff” is for you!”
Sadly, this box copy is the most clever thing about this movie. A hodge-podge of commercial and movie parodies that considers itself the heir-apparent to Kentucky Fried Movie, “Faces of Really Nasty Stuff” was obviously dreamed up by many a night of drunken get-togethers. Unfortunately, “Insane” Mike Saunders and the Prescribed Films family decided that, rather than just keep it to themselves, they would unleash this shoddy collection to the populace at large.
Using every format known to man, the group’s results are murky and ugly across the board. The acting is – with the sole possible exception of Saunders himself – just awful (improvisation isn’t for everyone; apparently, neither is proper diction), everyone is mush-mouthed and self-conscious. There’s nothing terribly clever about the sketches – the only one that illicted a smile from me was a tattoo-and-piercing parlor owned by Christ. Mostly, they rely on spurting blood and other bodily fluids.
On the plus side, everyone in the movie seems to be having a lot of fun. There’s a sense of whimsy about the entire mess that is undeniably charming. The members of “Prescribed Films” obviously have a lot of affection for each other, and that shouldn’t be ignored. They all seem like nice guys. There’s nothing particularly malicious about their comedy, and that’s what ultimately redeems this collection. Maybe if they can get their s**t together, focus on the technical aspects of their production, and either hire some professional actors, or all take lessons themselves, they might end up with an audience having just as much fun as they did.

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