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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | May 4, 2008

Leave it to Marvel Comics to sweep in out of nowhere and steal all of Batman’s spotlight.  Going from second most anticipated to THE most anticipated comic movie of the summer, “Iron Man” refused to let us down, and lo and behold it didn’t.

Watching it in theaters was an incredible experience. And this is mainly because I’ve always thought Iron Man was as interesting a comic character as Stilt Man or Rocket Racer. My uncle and I would laugh and always say: “Just punch him in the f*****g chest, and he’s down for the count! So f*****g lame!”

And alas, Favreau completely shook my brain and convinced me to give the iron monster with a cherry red coating another chance. “Iron Man” is finally a fantastic character. How’s about that? And the movie is nothing short of incredible.

Downey, Paltrow, Bridges, Terrence Howard, the great origin, beautiful special effects, allusions to War Machine, and that incredible cameo at the end of the credits, it’s Marvel gold, and I think “The Dark Knight” has a lot to follow in a month or so.

“Iron Man” kicks off what is hopefully a season of excellent event films.

‘Nuff said.

P.S. Yes, Sabbath’s “Iron Man” does play in the movie.

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  1. Josh says:

    Don’t get your hopes too high. I’ve heard rumor of a DragonBallZ movie in the works. It even has real Semi-talents attached.

    I hope to God it folds. DBZ is the speed racer of modern anime. It has no themes, no character development, and every arch is the same.

    But still, I was pleasantly surprised to see Iron Man is a good movie and hope I can see it soon. I’ve still got to see Dark Knight. Its my “Spider-Man 2” hopeful.

    I hope that in the future people will be able to excercise basic lit. analysis and discover that great stories are about the mechanics and themes instead of lights and sounds. Once hollywood gets that down, there’s a whole world of untapped manga/anime gold waiting to be uncovered.

  2. Minic says:

    Oops. Remove the word “going”.

  3. Minic says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m still cautious about The Incredible Hulk, though. Let’s hope Marvel can kick-start an independent-filmmaking hot streak going, huh?

  4. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    One can hope. Oh one can hope.

  5. Nathaniel says:

    I’m going to see “Iron Man” this weekend. Hopefully with the critical and commercial success of Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2 and now Iron Man, films based on comics books will rely more on story and character development rather than extravagant cheesy looking special effects.

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