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By Michael Ferraro | September 3, 2004

Let’s say the Kellogg company was still running rampant over the television waves with their “Leggo My Eggo” commercial campaign. Imagine if they, for some reason, hired John Woo (during his “Hard Boiled” prime) to direct the next commercial for that promotion. “Bullets Over Breakfast” is pretty damn close to what would turn out.

The storyline is even that simplistic: three men and one waffle. Instead of sharing, or even giving up this part of a nutritious breakfast for something else, the guys decide to battle it out Woo-style for the coveted prize. For such a short piece, it never runs dry of ammo or the use of slow-motion.

Though the film lacks plot, it easily makes up for it with its visual style. This is the kind of film that you and your buddies would have made in high school, only it probably wouldn’t have looked this good. Both the sound and visual effects are great for a homemade production. Digital bullet-holes fill the wall flawlessly, and even the one explosion within “Bullets Over Breakfast” looks better than most new age digital explosions in Hollywood films.

The film’s score could have used some tweaking. It is a repetitive electronic/techno score that rarely changes tempo and becomes annoying long before the 11 minutes are up. Tom Tykwer, while scoring “Run Lola Run,” may have had a nightmare that sounded like this. With the exception of the score however, this is a fine film that is sure to bring laughter and cheers amongst you and your friends.

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