From September 7th through the 10th, the Brooklyn Film Festival will take over both the Clearview Cinemas in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and 59th Street, Manhattan, which makes for lots of exposure for lots and lots of up-and-coming independent works.
Though many so-called “local” festivals like to create an emphasis on works exclusively about and from the surrounding area, the Brooklyn Film Festival prides itself on fostering a sense of diversity in “theme, style, and message” in its mix of selections. Like the borough it’s named after, the Festival is a true melting pot of ideas and identities. Special showcases in this year’s event include spotlights on African-American, Asian-American, Italian-American, Latino-American, Female, Gay and Lesbian, Multicultural and, to make it fair, Brooklyn Filmmakers. Check out all of the Festival details at [ the Brooklyn Film Festival website. ]

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