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By Mark Bell | March 3, 2004

Did you hear the one about the guy who broke his penis while having sex with a hot chick? That is the premise of “Broken,” a 14-minute trifle which creates the ultimate smutty comedy set-up and then pulls out before the fun can start.
Michael Manuel and Margi Simmons star as the blind date couple who get into a mess during their first romp when his penis gets broken in the midst of a night’s passion. We never get to see the injured organ, but various stares downward by the hapless couple and various medical professionals (the couple goes to the hospital twice) confirms the worst. The first hospital visit requires the placement of tight gauze, the second involves an injection with a super-duper needle.
And then? The film fast-forwards three months later to the couple back on a new date, declaring how happy they are to be together. And the injured phallus? Its fate is unknown, as the closing credits pop up abruptly.
In the right hands, “Broken” could have been a wildly funny exercise in bad taste (it is easy to imagine someone like Howard Stern or the “South Park” crew running amok with this premise). But here, the joke is spun for a while and then is abandoned without explanation. Ultimately, “Broken” becomes a dirty joke with no punch line.

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