By admin | September 20, 2005

Always nice to see a little indie short show up Hollywood. In this case, filmmakers Alex Ferrari and Jorge Flores Rodriguez and crew have created a tight action-packed thriller exhibiting all of the shoot-em-up goodness of your typical Hollywood actioner…and it does it all in 20 minutes. Wow! Now you have all that extra time to finish building your ark.

A woman is abducted from her home only to wake up later tied to a chair in some boiler room, surrounded by snarling tough guys and an evil ringleader who confesses that they are all there for one reason – to kill her. They toy with the woman a bit, relishing the torture, but also providing ample time for a rescue attempt that blows up into an all out gunfight complete with plenty of splathappy gore. Rescue attempts are cool.

“Broken” looks great, sounds great and threatens to put a bullet between your eyes right from the get go. Can’t complain about that, especially if you’re an action nut with a short attention span. The story here is minimal, non-existent even, all the characters are present for a story, but they’re used instead as a simple set-up for good times bang bang action. Nothing is really explained and it doesn’t need to be – you have your bad guys, damsel in distress, hero and a shitload of ammunition. Have fun! “Broken” does however show that these filmmakers have the chops to pull off a pretty beefy feature length action flick if they so desire, and I’m sure they do. We eagerly await.

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