By Admin | January 20, 2005

Alright, what’s with all the Bigfoot rape movies? Did I miss that “In Search of…” episode way back when in which Leonard Nimoy clued viewers in on Bigfoot’s reputation as a sexual tyrannosaurus, or are people just living out there greatest fear (fantasy?) through film? In the 70s there was “The Geek” where a group of campers suffer the attack of a h***y Bigfoot. Then, recently, filmmaker Jon Olson made the hysterical, if somewhat disturbing, “Ape Canyon” where backwoods babes can’t keep their legs closed for the big footed one once he’s violated them. And then there’s this.

You may recall Tom Putnam from his festival favorite short “Tom Hits his Head”. He returns with another short film, this time focusing on a man’s foolish decision to head off to the forest on Valentine’s Day to search for Bigfoot. It’s not long before we see this fool running and screaming through the forest like a little girl with a can of Crisco under his arm and Bigfoot hot on his tail. What’s the Crisco for? Well…let’s just say that Bigfoot wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too and he’s not settling for a pack of those crummy candy hearts that nobody eats.

“Broadcast 23” has that straight outta the 70s appearance. All of the wipes and split-screen shots add to the whole “In Search of…” look and feel, so fans of that great unsolved mysteries show should check this one out. Just…uh…watch your a*s…

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