Britney is a hard working wife of a husband who pays no attention to her whatsoever. Her most important role in life to is to be a homemaker. The opening scene shows Britney scrubbing a toilet so diligently that there is almost and art to it. She almost turned it into a sculpture of Michelangelo’s David with so much effort and attention to detail.

Her Husband arrives home and she greets him with the usual formalities that any wife would do. He totally ignores her and does not even acknowledge her existence. Britney seems so used to it that it doesn’t even seem to get to her at all. She jumps in the shower and asks her Husband to join her. He ignores her offer and decides to search the internet for a cascade of smutty material. The final thing he types on his search engine is “Britney Pounds Justin” and soon cyberspace seems to have grounded itself in the bedroom of his apartment as Justin arrives at the house to fully service the wrong kind of Britney in a comedy of irony.

There were a couple of funny moments in the film but overall it had very little to offer. Too much time is spent on irrelevant scenes, especially considering Von Munt only had a 6 minute running time.

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