By Admin | July 3, 2000

Pleased Sheep Productions (hmm…well, they are British) is hard at work on a no-to-low budget feature in the North of the Great Isle. Say the upstanding people of Pleased Sheep, “Diary of a Bad Lad” is “a satire on the lengths, and depths, that people are prepared to go to in order to make a cult no-budget film. People are always interested in crime, prostitution, pornography, class A drugs (ed. note — that’s Brit-tongue for the hard, naughty stuff) so we have decided to make a movie about it.” And they are.
The Pleased Sheep mother-site is home to the growing production diaries behind “Diary” and information on investing for those with dosh, as well as a chat forum, entertainment news and downloads, and an archive of past Pleased Sheep film productions.
For your salacious viewing pleasure, take a peep at the online gallery of Pleased Sheep model Roxy. No nudies, though. The site also features a lovely links section, with lisitings from the pop culture vaults including Knight Rider and Josie and the Pussycats. And if you’re a UK telly buff, look into links to Basil Brush, Camberwick Green, and lots of other ridiculously-named British silliness. Just don’t ask about the vibrating Sheep Cam…
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