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By Film Threat Staff | October 28, 2002

Wow, it’s been nine years now that we’ve been watching the “Traces of Death” series…at least, those of us that are into seeing brutal real death footage mixed with bad death metal. Hey, it’s an acquired taste and if it weren’t for these vids, we may never have seen Bud Dwyer blow himself away.
Anyways, for its ninth anniversary, Brain Damage Films is releasing all five of the “Traces of Death” videos in a DVD and VHS box set. “‘Traces Of Death’ has long been recognized as some of the most gruesome footage ever shot of human atrocities,” said Darrin Ramage, President of Brain Damage Films and producer of the “Traces Of Death” I-V series. “‘Traces Of Death’ has already secured a loyal cult following and as it has been unavailable for years, Brain Damage Films and Maxim Media Marketing teamed to generate this very savvy marketing plan that offers the titles on DVD for the first time with a release date of Friday the 13th of December.”
Savvy marketing scheme, eh? That’s nice, but basically everyone that’s going to buy this box set is already standing in line for it. So there you have it – “Traces of Death” I-V on DVD, December 13th.

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