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By Mark Bell | June 14, 2007

Every year, CineVegas has a late night bowling fest at the Gold Coast Casino. Tonight, er, this morning, was that night. Jamie and I made our way to the GC at midnight and prepared for a fun 3-game, 10-frame throwdown.

Now, last year, my first game of the evening was marred by 10 frames of gutter balls. Pretty sure I didn’t hit a pin that first game. Subsequent games weren’t much better, and as last year drew to a close, I vowed to break 100 points in the next CineVegas bowling adventure.

Don’t let the smile fool you, she’s a fierce and vicious competitor…

Pictures will be coming later, mainly in that Jamie took most of the pics with her camera and I currently don’t have that with me, but in the very first game I bowled what was, for me, a stellar start: 104.

With my goal already in hand, I went on to game two and finished with a 111. Then Jamie took the lead with a game three 114, and I finished somewhere around 70 (the, uh, screwdrivers had kicked in at that point… yeah, right, exactly). None of this was close to the one-lane-over dynamo that was Mike Plante, bowling somewhere around 170+ with his full body heave technique. How he didn’t fall down, crack his spine or severely injure himself, I’ll never know.

Speaking of severe injuries, allegedly a bowler severed their finger during tonight’s bowling. While I didn’t see a severed finger, or blood, I did see the cops at the lane taking pics and I was informed by many different folks of the odd injury. Now, I’ve bowled and gotten blisters, and my arm will be sore when I wake up, but SEVERING A FINGER!?! How does that happen?

The other highlights of the evening were the sudden festival appearance of Kent Osborne, in town specifically to watch “Frownland” and then, you know, to bowl AND the presence of Jeff “The Dude” Dowd. Once he walked by with what appeared to be a White Russian, the Lebowski-isms began to fly.

Thank you, CineVegas, for allowing this pathetic bowler the opportunity to redeem his previous bowling failures, and climb to higher heights. My bowling pride is finally intact.

Jamie likes bowling… and drinking… and Wonder Woman… 

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Eh, sabon. Jamie does rule. Crazy, no?

  2. Don Lewis says:

    Jamie RULES! Except for that last pic….that’s like Tiffany Amber Thiessen gone wrong….sabon….

  3. Michael Ferraro says:

    Bowling last year was AWESOME! Don’t you have some video of that? I’d love to see it.

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