By Admin | March 22, 2003

If only Cuba Gooding Jr. had said, “Show me the movies” instead of “Show me the money” he might have walked away from the Oscars with not only a statuette but also a conglomerate of post-“Jerry Maguire” hits.
Instead, he’s managed to entrap himself into senseless, juvenile comedies, the latest of which, “Boat Trip”, will do nothing to help his dilapidated appeal.
Similar to one of those smutty 80s comedies, “Boat Trip” is a Farrelly brothers like gross-out with a homophobic entwine.
Dumped by his long-term girlfriend (Vivica A. Fox), partly for vomiting on her during a hot-air balloon ride, computer programmer Jerry (Gooding Jr) is heartbroken – until best pal Nick (Sanz) suggests they take a voyage on a luxury cruise for single males. But instead of boarding a ship full of beautiful women, they discover they’ve been tricked – by the travel agent – into enlisting for a Gay Cruise.
The 4-day cruise looks set to be the nightmare of all nightmares for the h***y duo, that is until Jerry stumbles upon an attractive dance instructor (Sanchez), and Nick befriends an all-girl Swedish sun-tanning team, who’ve providentially boarded the boat after their helicopter crashes.
But don’t think it’s going to be that easy for the duo. Jerry discovers his new adoration has an odium for men, so he decides to pretend he’s actually Gay, while Nick has more run-ins with the ugly Swedish coach than her pupils.
“Boat Trip” is largely full of unfunny gags, and nauseatingly perverse humor. Just the mere sight of ex-007 prancing around in his pink shirt is a turn-off. When he asks Nick if he’d “Care for a bit of his Sausage,” you’ll well and truly be searching for a vomit bag.
Sure, the film has a couple of funny moments, but nothing funnier than when the guys in “Police Academy” wander into the Blue Oyster bar.

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