By Tom Meek | February 9, 1998

They are eighteen years older and still can belt the out blues, but there’re two very important elements missing from the original, 1980, comedy classic: John Belushi (bless his soul) and a plot. Dan Aykroyd again plays Elwood Blues, and after spending nearly two decades in a slammer he wants to get the band together again. What the mission from God is this time is nebulous, but the band manages to get it together with John Goodman, Joe Morton and the dance-a-matic kid, J. Evan Bonifant, trying to fill Belushi’s shoes. As expected, there’re cops and a bunch of psychos after trail after the 153 band in reckless pursuit, but the real entertainment comes from the sexy club dances and a band the Brothers 2000 have to beat at a rumble — it features Bo Diddley, B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Stevie Winwood. Buy the soundtrack and rent the one with Belushi.

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