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By Ron Wells | September 13, 1999

Martin (!) Lawrence is Miles Logan, an expert jewel thief who hides a $17 million-dollar diamond in a building under construction moments before his capture by the police. When he’s released from prison two years later, he finds out the building is a police station. He must now pretend to be a burglary detective to gain the time to find the gem, but since he can think like a criminal, he’s really good at it. Hilarity ens- aw, screw it.
This is the kind of alledged comic masterpiece Eddie Murphy would have made either 15 years ago (“Golden Child”) or three years ago (“Metro”). It’s the sort of bad script that a studio exec expects a comedy star to improvise his way into box office gold. No wonder the poor guy keeps snapping in real life when he has to carry crap like this on his back. If Adam Sandler can have a couple of $100 million-gross movies a year, can’t we find one project for Martin?

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