Indie horror actresses Lilith Stabs, Amy Lynn Best, and Jasi Lanier (aka Roxanne Michaels) have been added to the guest list for the SHOCKFEST HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, coming to Cookeville, Tennessee on Sunday, Sept. 28.
The European horror film marathon set to begin at 6 p.m. at SHOCKFEST has also been expanded to include Spanish cult actor Paul Nashy in his little-seen 1973 film “THE MUMMY’S REVENGE,” to be screened in an uncut 16mm print with all the film’s head-stomping gore intact. Other films to be screened are a duo by the late Italian directors Joe D’Amato and Antonio Margheriti. First up is D’Amato’s “DEATH SMILES ON A MURDERER” starring Klaus Kinski and Ewa (CANDY) Aulin, then a screening of Margheriti’s obscure thriller “KILLER FISH” starring Karen Black and Margaux Hemingway.
None of the films to be shown at SHOCKFEST are currently available on video or DVD. Topping off the screenings will be 30 minutes of rare 16mm preview trailers for films including “LEGEND OF BLOOD CASTLE,” “FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET,” “DE SADE,” “AUTOPSY,” “THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED,” “TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS,” “RAW MEAT” and “SPIRITS OF THE DEAD.”
For more info, visit the Shockfest website.

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