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By Mark Bell | July 8, 2011

Blood Roulette is a perfect example of what can happen when the digital filmmaking tools of today find themselves in deranged hands; I mean that as a compliment. Like another personal favorite short film of mine, Night of the Hell Hamsters, Blood Roulette is lo-fi fun. The FX here are a nice mix of practical and green screen gone awry; it fits the story of a wife dealing with her slacker husband who may or may not be an alien lifeform with multiple, gooey, ill-tempered alien children.

This is B-movie short filmmaking at its ugliest, but it still charms. At 13 minutes, I wish it got to the fun alien insanity a little bit faster (maybe dealt less with the set-up and more with the mayhem), but overall it delivers a unique, grimey take on the alien invader agenda.

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