By Chris Gore | July 9, 2007

I just shot a Comic Con 2007 Preview Special that will air on G4 starting this Thursday, July 12th. I co-hosted the show with the lovely Blair Butler, who does the Fresh Ink segment on Attack of the Show. Blair and I had a blast hosting together, probably because we are both so passionate about our respective obsessions — me about film and she about comics. In fact, we joked that we should do a show called Nerd Alert!!! as we’re both such geeks.

Blair Butler

And I don’t want to start any rumors or anything, but during the shoot, I passed Blair a note. And she actually checked the “Yes!” box when I asked her if she liked me!

Anyway, I’ll also be part of G4TV’s live coverage of Comic Con on July 26th and 27th — two hours of live coverage on both Thursday and Friday, which is so cool! I wanted to offer you a sneak peek as there is already a G4 Comic Con Live page up as we speak, er, read, er, click, er, whatever.

If you are heading to the con in San Diego later this month, well, you already know how amazing it is. I hope to see you there. It’s the place where pop culture fans from all over the world gather to celebrate everything from comics to movies to TV to toys, heck, even a bit of cos-play if you are into that sort of thing. Never done that myself, but I am curious… very curious.

The G4 Comic Con 2007 Preview Special airs about 20 times over the next few weeks, but be sure to catch it as you’ll see cool stuff like an interview with Zack Snyder talking about the upcoming Watchmen movie, Frank Miller on The Spirit and plenty more.

Surprisingly, I’ll also be a part of G4’s E3 coverage all this week, so check it out. I really hope to get to play Rock Band or GH3.

As always… it’s me saying…

Gore gone!

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    I think you and Blair Butler should definitely have your own shown on G4! Balir Butler is completlely underused on that netwok. She really needs a show of her own.

  2. Mark Bell says:

    You do know that if you play Rock Band or Guitar Hero III I will be unable to control my envy, and will likely spontaneously combust in a green puff (like the drummers from Spinal Tap). Just saying, you don’t want your friend to combust, DO YOU!?!

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